Transforming communities, environments, and students’ lives through meaningful cross-cultural service and travel adventures.

If you’re searching for something more than just a typical summer trip; if you want to travel with real purpose, then GoBeyond. We go beyond ordinary high school travel programs and build cross-cultural community service summer trips perfectly geared to your interests and curiosities. Whether you’re looking to contribute to authentic service projects, experience exhilarating adventure, or develop your language skills, GoBeyond will immerse you in a new culture where you can make a meaningful difference while on the journey of a lifetime.

GoBeyond Borders

Our high school community service summer programs proudly serve in many under-resourced communities and environments throughout the world.

Explore our community service summer programs in the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Galapagos & Ecuador, Peru, Iceland, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Our Impact

Beyond experiencing the adventure of a lifetime and creating lasting memories, we believe our community service summer trips enable lasting positive change in the world. For over forty years, we’ve been transforming communities, environments, and students’ lives through meaningful, collaborative adventures and service that develop skills and a more sophisticated worldly outlook—ultimately shaping the person you become.



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Meet GoBeyond 

We’re a group of dedicated experiential educators with over 40 years of experience delivering adventure and high school community service summer programs that hold the possibility of changing lives.

More than just a trip, we create journeys for high school students; authentic experiences which combine hands-on learning, cooperative living and adventure travel throughout the world. Through our challenging course design, we’ve successfully ignited the inherent leadership skills within thousands of young adults.

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