Giving Hope to At-Risk Adolescent Mothers in Peru

GoBeyond is a proud supporter of local, national, and international service organizations around the world. This month, we pay special tribute to our partner in Cuzco, Peru: Casa Mantay.

Casa Mantay is a home for adolescent mothers. Most have been victims of sexual violence, neglect, and discrimination. Casa Mantay provides a supportive place for recovery, nurturing the young mothers and their children by reinforcing values of family, self-esteem, and cultural identity. Teaching social, educational, psychological, and career skills, they regain their confidence and begin to make beautiful plans for the future.

Casa Mantay is the story of selfless individuals devoting their lives to service, making an immeasurable impact on at-risk and under-served communities in Peru. Watch their heartwarming video below to learn more about the mothers and Casa Mantay’s inspirational founders, Sergio and Raquel.

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