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GoBeyond Student Founds Non-Profit

In June of 2009, Sophie Hollingsworth attended a GoBeyond journey in the British Virgin Islands. At 15, she had no idea how much the three weeks would impact her life. Her experience became the push to believe that no matter what your age, actions could change the world.

Today, Sophie is the founder of AquaAid International, an organization establishing sustainable sources of potable water and basic sanitation in Central America. Aqua Aid currently works in the Southern Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. They collaborate with local water and sanitation committees to distribute portable water filters and integrate basic sanitation education curriculum into primary schools.

Sophie has made her mark, and the Lifeworks family has been lucky to be a part of her amazing work. Even though she’ll say we inspired her, it’s stories like these that keeps GoBeyond going. No matter how big or small, every person in the world can create positive change.

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