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Staff Spotlight: Lawre Doughton


Written by Shaun Swartz

We’re taking a moment today to shine the Staff Bio Spotlight on GoBeyond British Virgin Islands staff member, Sailing Extraordinaire, Underwater-Selfie Specialist, and Chief Boat-Coffee Brewer Lawre Doughton! – A.K.A. LawDog, A.K.A. THE HAMMER Hailing from coastal North Carolina, Lawre discovered her inspiration for working with students through a passion for sailing. Her love for the ocean and her calm, confident nature have inspired both students and staff alike to be their best in the challenging environment of life aboard a sailing vessel.


It wasn’t until she took her own gap year to travel and participate in a Sea|mester voyage, however, that Lawre realized her calling to work in the service of communities around the world. As she says, “That year was one of the most amazing, fun, and memorable times of my life, but it also left me with an immense feeling of guilt – Guilt that I had been so fortunate to be able to do all of these amazing things and meet all of these incredible people without having given anything in return. It was then that I felt the need to live more as a global citizen and to give back to the global community.” Recalling her own experience as a self-proclaimed “painfully shy kid,” Lawre has sought to create a supportive environment during our volunteer abroad programs in which her students can broaden their horizons and gain confidence in themselves by working together in the closely knit community of her boats. She explains, “At GoBeyond, our success on-board is contingent upon working together. Community living is such a huge part of GoBeyond, and l love being able to facilitate my students’ experiences as they learn to work and live with one another.”


Lawre’s expertise, however, doesn’t merely end at being a top-notch sailor. As a qualified member of our Medical Team, Lawre has proven her medical knowledge and expertise time and time again, even dabbling in the realm of veterinary care and animal husbandry aboard a sailing vessel. In perhaps what is our favorite memory of Lawre’s time as a staff member, we bore witness to her application of the smallest leg brace ever made to heal the broken leg of a local student’s beloved hermit crab named Meesta Krabby. That’s just raw talent. Keep on keepin’ on LawDog!

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