Custom Group Programs – Welcome

If you represent a school, organization, or group and are looking to design a unique enriching experience for your students or team, we can help.

We create hands-on, global service and educational programs for teens.

We do this because we believe the overall experience of learning and committing to service work while living in this dynamic, interactive and often unfamiliar environment offers an exceptional opportunity for social, emotional and academic growth.

How this works

Step 1

We’re nothing like a traditional tour or travel company as every program is uniquely curated. We’ll work together to understand your needs and create an incredible experience that will surpass your expectations. Our first step is to discover the following about your group of students and staff:

  • Your ideal destination
  • Your approximate group size
  • Your ideal dates & duration of voyage
  • Your program focus

Step 2

Once the fundamentals have been established, we’ll discuss your group’s service and educational goals.

  • Facilitation – Us
    Sit back and have our leaders and staff run the show for your group. We will liaise with the local non-profit organizations, schedule all service work, and take care of all of the additional logistics throughout the program.  You would then choose to either bring your own staff to act as chaperones or stay at home and let us handle all the work.  For this option, you may choose from any of our pre-planned individual programs found HERE.  We will then tailor the experience for your unique group of students.
  • Facilitation – You
    Want to facilitate the experience yourself? You can choose to bring your faculty and manage your own service and educational content yourselves while we take care of the complicated logistics (housing, transportation, food, guides, etc). We manage the details, giving you room to supply the very best experience for your students at a price point that is more affordable.

Our experience, impact & results


Aside from fulfilling your educational goals and staying safe, what’s most important when selecting a partner organization to plan your trip? With GoBeyond, we believe in the lasting impact that our experiences can have, and the development of skills and insights that stay with participants throughout life.

Ready to learn more?