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Backed by over 40 years of experience in the field of experiential education, GoBeyond Student Travel of Global Expeditions Group offers quality international travel and community service programs for high school students. Our destinations include the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Peru, Iceland, Spain, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, India, Australia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our mission is to transform communities, environments, and students’ lives through meaningful cross-cultural service adventures. We seek to educate, facilitate and inspire the growth and development of both hard and soft skills, thus arming our students with a new set of tools for the future


GoBeyond community service leaders provide direct care and supervision for groups of 10 to 22 high school students on multi-week international summer programs. Trip leaders have various responsibilities including coordinating and/or leading educational activities, managing logistics, and/or serving as language facilitators and translators.

For the duration of our programs, staff are expected to provide a safe and positive environment for youth, maintain the highest level of professionalism and role modeling, while also facilitating personal growth in the lives of teenagers. By virtue of the foreign environment, staff’s 24-hour responsibility and close living conditions, there are times when staff become physically, mentally, and emotionally fatigued. Our staff must be mature and able to live, work, and operate effectively within challenging environments.

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