The Experience

Backed by over 40 years of experience, GoBeyond – the high school service-learning and adventure travel arm of Global Expeditions Group (GXG) – aims to offer its students life-changing experiences through international teen travel programs.

By combining international community service projects, cultural immersion, and outdoor adventure, we have successfully ignited the inherent leadership skills in thousands of young adults.

This is what we do but what really sets us apart is how we do it and the results that we achieve. The numbers speak for themselves:

63% of our students join us because of a word-of-mouth recommendation or are returning for another summer at our teen service camp.

80% of our professional staff return each year and many were once students of our teen service program themselves.

98% of our alumni say they developed skills at GoBeyond they still use today.

Cornerstones of the GoBeyond Experience

When we first developed our teen summer travel program, our model was innovative and unique. As a result of our success and growing reputation, we’re flattered to say that others have followed in our footsteps! But to understand who we are, what drives us, and why we offer the best travel opportunities for teens, you need to dig a little deeper into the sum of our parts…

Beyond experiencing the adventure of a lifetime and creating lasting memories, we believe the GoBeyond experience enables lasting positive change in the world.

For over forty years, we’ve been transforming communities, environments, and students’ lives through meaningful, collaborative adventures and service that develop skills and a more sophisticated worldly outlook—ultimately shaping the person they become.

We are parents too, so we understand that you want your kids to grow to be independent; capable of making positive choices that enable them to maximize their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and reach their fullest potential.

Perhaps our hope for their happiness and success is at its strongest as kids reach the formative teen years. This is a pivotal time in their lives because these experiences and influences build the bridge from the children they once were to the adults they will become.

At GoBeyond, we provide our students with the tools they need to build a strong foundation for this transition. We do this by creating an environment that promotes self-discovery as well as social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Our journeys may vary in destination and focus, yet all are built around the same core principles and philosophy. The result? GoBeyond promises to deliver an experience that will provide opportunities to learn, grow and develop skills that have a lasting educational impact.

“These programs changed our son and daughter's lives, by freeing them from a narrow frame of reference and opening up the world. I can't overstate the importance of your program for all of us.”
Linda W. - Northbrook, IL
“My child came home with a great sense of himself. He experienced a diverse group of students that he doesn't get to interact with in our small town and he loved it. He loved every minute of his experience.”
Jessica S. - Pelahatchie, MS
“The best thing about GoBeyond is that the program is encouraging teens to take a leap of faith to a different country with strangers and come out a completely different person with friends that they'll have for a lifetime.”
Matt O. - San Francisco, CA
“I have learned a lot from GoBeyond. I have learned to put others first, to spread awareness of social and political issues, also a world perspective. Traveling at a young age and viewing peoples' hardships in other countries allows me to put my life in perspective.”
Bryn C. - Llyod Harbor, NY
“Both our boys have participated in these programs for many years. They come home with multi-cultural experiences, an appreciation of how lucky they are, new friends and a maturity they did not have before they left.”
Gerry D. - Newtown, PA