Are you searching for something more than just a summer trip? Are you looking to travel with real purpose?

By going out into the world on one of our humanitarian service trips, you’re guaranteed to see, experience, and learn a lot. You can’t always predict what these things might be but at the very least you can choose which direction you want to head. Though all of our humanitarian service trips are designed to provide unforgettable experiences, each journey has a unique approach that tailors to a participant’s individual travel interests. A trip with GoBeyond can open eyes, foster curiosity, and broaden horizons. Where will your journey take you?


Humanitarian Support

Teen Service work in Thailand
Humanitarian Community Service British Virgin Islands
Teach English Abroad High School Program
teen service work orphans in china

Have you been described as a “people person?” Are you looking for a program that allows you to help others through genuine connections? With our humanitarian service trips, GoBeyond students can foster those connections with people of all ages from all over the world. Whether working with orphans, refugees, families or entire communities – you can help the plight of the impoverished and misplaced through the diverse interactions our programs facilitate. From orphanages in China to palm hut schools in the Amazon rainforest; from slums in Thailand to Barrios in Costa Rica; you can start to make a difference in the lives of others by simply being there.

Infrastructure Development

Building schools in Costa Rica
Teen Service work in Thailand
Building houses in South America
High School Students build a house in Costa Rica

Want to get your hands dirty? We’ve cleared land, painted murals, dug wells, built schools, playgrounds, community centers, and more. The list of places our students have helped to improve is endless. Over time, even the small things have had a huge impact on the communities we work with. Give your strength, give your creativity, and at the end of a project you’ll have tangible evidence of a job well done.

Environmental Conservation

High School Summer Conservation work in the Caribbean
Amazon Rainforest Summer Trip
International conservation work for teens abroad
Summer conservation work for high school students in South America

The health of our planet’s environment affects everyone. Since ecosystems rarely show signs of distress before catastrophic failure, during our conservation trips for students we work with organizations on the cutting edge of conservation and research to fight the degradation of the natural world. Remove invasive species in the Galapagos, plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, and help fight pollution on the beaches of the Caribbean. GoBeyond’s conservation trips for students allow you to gain hands on experience with fieldwork as you and your team contribute to critical environmental research and conservation efforts.

Wildlife Stewardship

Service work with animals abroad
Galapagos Tortoise service work for high school students
Summer Turtle Tagging Adventure
Adventure Programs for high schoolers in South America

At least 200 species of animals become extinct every year. Between loss of habitat, environmental changes, and human interference, wildlife and biodiversity is undeniably threatened all over the world. Since humans cause many of the threats animals face, it’s up to us to help mitigate those threats as well. Get up close and personal with this planet’s astounding wildlife and lend a helping hand to the international organizations working directly with these dwindling populations when you embark on our conservation trips for students. You’ll get hands on by feeding, tagging, releasing, and interacting with some of the world’s most critically endangered species. Lend your heart and mind to these astounding creatures and you’ll gain more than you could ever expect.

Cultural Exploration

Machu Picchu summer trip for teens
China summer adventure for Teenagers
Summer adventure in India for high school students
High school service with Tibetan refugees

Get an insider’s perspective of your new home away from home. GoBeyond humanitarian service trips bring you straight to the heart of cultures and allow you to immerse yourself in the past, present, and future of the society you’re visiting. Break away from the crowds of tourists and genuinely connect with local people. Whether learning Spanish in your Costa Rican homestay or forming a close bond with a Tibetan living in exile, you’re bound to experience the kindness of others. Explore world heritage sites, learn the language, and try the food – there’s no greater adventure than discovering the world through the eyes of those who live in it.

Language Immersion

Teaching English in India
Study Abroad Program Learn Language High School
Learn Language Abroad High School Program
Learn Language Teach Language Abroad High School Student

First language, second nature. There’s no better way to connect with people of different cultures than by learning their language in their country. Whether you’ve studied a language your entire life or you’re building the foundation of something new, communicating in novel ways is always gratifying. Fine tuning conversational skills in Peru, vocabulary homework in Spain, or simply learning how to pronounce an Icelandic street name – GoBeyond journeys provide opportunities to speak, understand, and be understood.

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Hiking & Walking Tours

Hiking summer trip in South America
South American summer program for high school students
South America trekking summer program
Camping in South America

One foot in front of the other. What better way to experience a new place than to walk directly into it? GoBeyond students can navigate remote back country for days at a time or just meander in city centers for the afternoon. You can hike in the footsteps of an ancient civilization to Machu Picchu, stroll through the massive temples of Bangkok, and everything in-between. Follow our experienced and knowledgable guides to take it all in on your own two feet.

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Water Sports

Sailing trip for high school teens
Summer adventure abroad
Summer snorkel trips
Summer white water rafting program for high school students
Water sport adventure for teenagers

Hold your breath and jump in – take on the water in all its radical forms. Sail the Caribbean, raft through the Andes, swim in mountain hot springs, and try your hand at water skiing over crystal clear water. Whether you’re training your sea legs in open water or fighting your way downstream high on a mountain, aquatic adventures await in several GoBeyond Journeys.

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Land Sports

Zip line adventure in Costa Rica
Adventure program abroad
Horseback adventure in South America
Teen Adventure Active Thailand Summer Program

More of a land mammal? Try zip-lining through Costa Rican cloud forests, horseback riding in Ecuador, mountain biking in Thailand, or playing soccer with very skilled local kids. Get in touch with your inner adrenaline junkie for an experience you’ll never forget.

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