Carolyn Kovacs

Carolyn studied biology at the College in William and Mary in Virginia before continuing on with her Masters degree in Marine Science at Savannah State University in Georgia. She joined the GXG family in 2013 when she began to work for Sea|mester as a marine biology instructor. She lived on Argo (with a stint on Ocean Star) for four years, working as a marine science instructor and eventually becoming the Program Manager. During this time she visited over 40 countries with 12 different groups of students as she sailed 50,000 nm around the world. During the summers she also led programs for ActionQuest and GoBeyond in Australia and Thailand. Carolyn now teaches Tropical Coastal Ecology for the School for Field Studies in Panama, and is excited to be coming back to Australia with GoBeyond again in 2018 to share her love of Australia and the wildlife found there with a new group of students. When not teaching marine science Carolyn can be found traveling, diving, surfing, and leading fitness and dance classes with any willing participants!

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