Patrick Dowd

Having grown up on a horse farm several miles outside of a one stoplight town, Patrick first developed a passion for international travel during a semester in India his junior year of college. His abiding love for the cultures of Tibet and the Himalayas began when he went to Dharamsala in 2012 as a Fulbright scholar. He spent the subsequent three years living with Tibetan communities in South Asia, continuing his study of Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy under guidance of Buddhist lamas. In 2015, he began a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania focusing on indigenous education and language revitalization throughout the Tibetan-speaking world, affording him further research opportunities in the Himalayas and Tibet. On his graduation in 2017, he moved to Ladakh and directed the writing, illustration and publication of the first ever, full length Ladakhi-centric storybook written in a colloquial Ladakhi and literary Tibetan hybrid. In September, he will begin his doctoral work in anthropology at the University of British Columbia where he will continue his research topic on language revitalization and indigenous education throughout the Tibetosphere. Patrick is extremely excited to introduce a culture and place he loves to high school students.

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