Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Well, I’m back with another exciting Skipper blog.  This morning there was a staff meeting so being well mannered, behaved teenagers were left under the care of me (why not?). We were not off to the greatest start but as the morning went, the tension decreased, and we resolved our problems. We sailed to Muskmelon Bay to have an exciting day of water sports. I went knee boarding for the first time in my life and wiped out all three times I tried. Sumner and I sailed the small Picos sailboats and did not capsize which was kinda surprising because we were arguing so much.  It was a pretty funny experience because of the disagreement even though we were fine.  Our boat was being switched from various malfunctions in the boat such as a broken engine, a fractured mirror that fell in the middle of the night, and no air conditioning. We had to move all of the stuff from Return of the Mac to the new boat called Bee Chaser. For the last activity of the day both the Portlandia boat and our boat had to participate in a drill involving the British Virgin Island Search and Rescue. They had to train their rookies in a fake situation, so they asked us to make a situation where someone got hurt. Rachel was picked as the fake victim and Josh the caring family member to question/ annoy them while they worked to add pressure. Ryan and I were the Skippers so we would flag them down to our boat, tie them to our boat, and assist them with anything they needed. Everyone did a great job, and they successfully completed their task. As a reward, we got to rid in the 450 horsepower dingy, which went 60 mph. That was the most favorite part of the day for me. Every day we do something that is memorable and cool.