Location: Dharamsala

The start of my day was on the roof. The night was a bit restless thanks to the lightning storm, so I spent the morning on the roof enjoying the breath-taking view of the valley. I then, with the help of my brother and Josh, went around waking up the rest of the group via a Pitbull dance routine. It was fairly enjoyable. The next part of the day included meeting our Mutual Learning Partners for the first time. This is how we spent our two hours with them: we went to the museum, checked out the market and monastery, and we also got juice from a local restaurant.

All in all, it was a very new experience for many of us, but we all enjoyed the time spent with them. After a wonderful lunch, we got in two cars and drove to the T.C.V. (Tibetan Children Village) to meet our Tibetan 11th grade class that we will be teaching for the next week. That time was also quite new for all of us and, coincidentally, it was also really fun. It was greatly tiring, so we’ve all retired pretty early today. But I have no doubt that tomorrow will by 10x the tiring and 10x the fun.