Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started our fourth full day of the trip with a relaxed wake-up and breakfast. We woke up to music at 8:30 am and a nice breakfast of French Toast. After breakfast, we got ready and went over to Savanah Bay for a hike and a beach clean-up activity. At the beach, we spread out and picked up a garbage bag full of plastic. We went back to the boat and watched a series of videos to show the significance of our work on the beach. After watching these videos, we all had a greater understanding of the subject as well as ideas on how to bring what we learned back to our own communities. The beach clean-up and videos showed us how much our actions affect the world around us. Before a delicious lunch of soup, we had some free time. Some students entertained themselves by jumping off the boat into the clear water below while others stayed inside talking with other crew members. After a quick lunch, we went to the Baths. We spent the afternoon climbing through caves, sliding down rocks, and jumping off a 15-foot high rock. We went from the Baths to swim lessons on the beach. We played games and interacted with kids from all over the island. We ended the day with new memories and the reward of fresh-baked cookies.