Location: Dharamsala

Today was a relaxed and fun Sunday. We started the day with breakfast at Common Ground (pancakes, Nutella, tofu scramble, Nutella, Flatbread, and more Nutella). After breakfast, we were divided into teams for the scavenger hunt. This was a chance for us to learn more about the Tibetan and Indian cultures. We did things like take pictures with cows, go to temples, meditation centers, monasteries, learn Tibetan jokes, play Indian board games and much more. After three hours of hiking and taxi traveling through Dharamsala, we met at Chonor Resort for lunch and to discuss our journeys. We shared stories of getting caught in the rain and meeting new people, and then we added up points to find the winner. Devon, Maelys, Hannah’s team won. After lunch, we went back to the hotel and caught up on journal writing and relaxed. Later we met with a Tibetan Lawyer who studied law both in India and the US. She spoke about the legal status of Tibetans in exile which helped us understand their stateless status and ability to leave the country. We finished the day with Indian food and a forum discussing if developed countries should take in more refugees, and went to sleep.