Location: Great Camanoe

The adventure continues on Portlandia with the celebration of our crew mate Maya’s 21st birthday! Following our short party was a dinghy trip to the clinic and a chilly turtling trip. We saw a hawksbill turtle, but unfortunately, we did not catch any. But we did see stingrays and a tarpon while on the hunt. By the time, lunch rolled around our friends had returned healed and healthy from the clinic after a speedy ride with mike on Big Blue! Maya and Anna slaved away on quesadillas for the hungry frenzy that had returned. Following a spectacular lunch, we went on snorkeling again but this time for the horrific Lionfish. We searched for 30 minutes until yours truly found our lionfish, but sadly, we were not able to spear it. We returned to our boat and sailed to Marina Cay where we had a little shore time and filled up our boat with water and food. We ate dinner and had a talk with Mike on shore, but the day does not end there, we had to sing to Maya one more time to mark 21 birthday songs for her 21st.