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Location: Anegada

Today we woke up around 7:00 but the chefs woke up around 6:30 to make a fine breakfast known as pancakes. After breakfast and getting ready for the day we hopped in the dingies and went to shore. Today my adventure was the long and beautiful hike on the beach. which involved a scavenger hunt, it was amzing fun. But there are three categories turtle tagging, hiking on the beach ,and and service work at the iguana rehabilitation center. The hike was a bit of a struggle for me but i got through it from the help of my friends and my instriuctor ( claire) and i also felt very accomplished about myself. I reccomend this program to anyone, it helps you learn so much about friendship, leadershhip, and independance and makes ypou feel so accomplished about your self because your helping the enviroment and doing good deeds.