Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Our exciting day began with waking up to the beautiful British Virgin Islands and our wonderful staff. We had a wonderful breakfast of cereal and milk. YUM! Then we got ready for some new “crew” members, children from YEP (Youth Empowerment Project). They came upon our boat with ages ranging from 7 to 14. At first, they didn’t want to take part in our games such as evolution. After some time though they finally opened up to us and began to play the games, we offered and new ones. We played Evolution, Indian Chiefs, Simon Says and Punchanella(a dancing game). After that, we motored over to a beach on Great Camanoe letting the kids get some sailing experience. Then we got to am Bay and did a little bit of beach clean up, but we all know it’s not easy to get children to clean so we made it more of a game by making a list and seeing which group could collect the most of different objects. We then fooled around on the beach just playing in the water and observing the creatures such as Sheldon, Biggy Smalls and Big Papa (hermit crabs found by yours truly Jeff). Then we had lunch in which I ate way too many sandwiches, 10 to be exact, then we were off back to Trellis Bay for a sad goodbye. The children left us, and we were all depressed they had to go so soon, but we were all relieved they had left cause I didn’t know how much more energy we all had. Then we had some shore time in Trellis where we all enjoyed a little downtime and some Wifi to catch up on all the missed news and to have some cold drinks and soda. Then back to the boats to sail to Long Bay for a beach BBQ, good food, and some time with the other boats. The BBQ starts with us, Lifeworks, arriving first because we are THE BEST! Then being there first we got food first making all the other boats jealous as they watched us eat as they waited. HAHAHA! We stuffed ourselves with cheeseburgers, veggie burgers and all sorts of sides from beans to salads. After gorging ourselves, we were off to mingle with the other boats. We played games such as taps and ninja, and with each game, we grew closer and closer to the other boats. Now it may have taken a long time, but Lifeworks has now become an official member of the AQ fleet no longer being shunned. Then we took a moment to take in the beautiful sunset that was pink therefore turning the mirror like water an amazing pink-purple just a sight to see. After witnessing such a fantastic sight it though sadly was time to leave our AQ family and return to our boats. I know I can say for my whole crew that today was a fantastic, very energy taxing day. P.S. Mom, Dad, and Evan I miss you guys a ton, and I want to let you know that I have a great time my boat is fantastic and I love you