Location: Amazon

Today we got to sleep into a generous 6 o’clock. We started the day off with a good breakfast and then took a canoe back out of our water driveway and headed to a local school down the Napo River. The work started instantly, and the sweat started to drip. Our goal for the day was to build a greenhouse to supply more food for the school. We first began by clearing the ground which was littered with stumps and grass. We got some great experience using an ax and other tools. After the area was cleared the logs started to roll in and the holes started to be dug. We had a whole army of workers carrying huge logs to the site and digging deep holes for bases. We had a total of 18 logs and many holes by the time lunchtime rolled around. We came back to the lodge and nourished our bodies with a nice meal, but rest time did not last long. We went back to the school and began shaping the greenhouse. Logs went up, bamboo was being cut, and the wire was being a twister. It finally looked like a sturdy structure by the time we began putting a tarp over the top. Just as the day was winded down, the rainforest proved its name. We had a nice refreshing shower in the rain, and our structure was put to the test. After seeing our hard work pay off, we met up with the local children and played a nice game of soccer on the muddy field in the rain. We then returned to the lodge and finished the day with another delicious meal. We finished our wonderful day off with a nice squeeze question and then dashed for our cabins for a well-deserved rest.