Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

I woke up this morning to the smell of french toast being cooked by our amazing chefs Katie & Ana. Day 12 already. These past 12 days have been indescribable. The beautiful waters down here in the BVIs could never be put into words. Every day I’m put more at a loss for words due to the perfect days I have with Lifeworks. This morning I was feeling this way especially because our independence was tested when the staff left for their meeting. Being skipper I had decided we must listen to Nirvana while we ate and the morning was starting perfectly leading into a perfect day. Today was our ‘fun day’, but what does a ‘fun day’ entail you may ask. Well after breakfast & our staff returning we got ready to sail to Guana Island. While on our sail we danced around on the bow competing with the other Lifeworks boat, Catalinaville. Once we arrived at the breathtaking Guana Island we rafted with Catalinaville; I could never thoroughly explain how much I love spending time with the other boat. Granted I love my boat more than anything, they’ve become my family & some of my best friends over these past two weeks, but the shipmates on Catalinaville are easily my extended family. I hope they love me as much as I love them. We had an extremely chill day wakeboarding, water skiing, sailing Picos, swimming, & tanning. After swimming I tanned for a while with some shipmates from Catalinaville.

As I was lying there, I continued to tell myself I was tanning in the BVIs. How many 17-year-old girls get to tell themselves that? Every day I remind myself how blessed I am to be here. As some point during my awe-stricken supper, I decided sailing in a Pico would be a good choice. I got into one with Kat & a shipmate from Catalinaville Westin. Westin told me he knew how to steer this device; he didn’t- I knew I should have trusted Josh so sail the Pico. Most of the trip consisted of us capsizing, not moving or me screaming. Although this endeavor may sound terrifying, it was hilarious.

I was laughing more than 80% of our trip. We eventually had to be rescued by Jamie. I arrived back to Moko Jumbie, after sweet, sweet Jamie rescued us, to find my shipmate Juliana to have been lovingly kissed by a moon jelly. Right on the cheek, Julianna had only a red mark to remember her encounter with her new friend. I moseyed on over to Catalinaville, after my stressful ride in the Pico, to spend time with them. Soon after I arrived Moko Jumbie & Catalinaville’s shipmates were partaking in the ever-popular prank war. We ended up with a fair amount of Catalinavilles laundry clips and their dishie bucket.

Mokos, for today, came out victorious & now we are more on guard; we must be prepared for anything & everything. We enjoyed a delicious dinner after unrafting from Catalinaville & attaching ourselves to a morning ball. When dinner was over, we continued with our squeeze on the bow. We discussed our favorite traits about ourselves as well as our goals for our future. My loving shipmate Jeff had troubles picking a favorite trait, but his final choice was very agreeable. Once finished with clean up, the girls on the ship, enjoyed looking at Quincey’s adorable wedding photos. We are now ending this beautiful day with a Lifeworks forum. The appreciation & adoration I have for these islands & people I’ve experienced them with could never be eloquently put into words. I love the BVIs so much I never want to leave. P.S. To my family I miss you all very much. I wish you could be here with me every day, but as you can see I’m having a great time & I wouldn’t change that for the world. I can’t wait to come home to see Revan all grown up & a new baby. I love you! To my best friends, I love & miss you all extremely. When I come home, I will tell you all of these stories, plus more, in person.