Location: China

Hello! Today we woke up fully refreshed and went to the apartment to have the typical breakfast consisting of cereal and toast. After that, Jasmin, Jamie, Griffin and I went to the kids’ home while the other half of the group went to the baby home. While at the kids’ home we had a great time making necklaces, coloring, reading books, and playing games. By twelve o’clock we had cleaned up, and we walked back to the apartment for lunch. Our amazing chefs Keno and Nina decided to surprise us and order takeout which consisted of dumplings and rice. Afterward, we went back to the orphanage- only this time my group, along with Keno and Nina, went to the baby home. There, we played ball, sang songs, and cared for the babies. The other group went to the kids’ home and enjoyed running around the compound and making arts and crafts. After four hours we headed back to the apartment for dinner where another surprise was waiting for us- our counselors prepared a buffet of Domino’s Pizza and a movie! We all sat around the T.V. and watched The Last Emperor in preparation for our trip to the Forbidden City next week. Later tonight Keno, Julia, Jamie, Sami, and I will be spending the night at the baby home for our very first-night shift! It was another great day in Beijing.