Location: Brewer's Bay, Tortola

A long night at Sydney’s transitioned into an early morning wake-up with a sail from Little Harbor to Great Harbor in Jost van Dyke. The last day with the kids sounded like a relief for some but soon changed as the kids loaded on the boat. We buddied up yet again and began our motor to Brewer’s Bay on Tortola. Running and screaming kids around the boat quickly woke all of us up fully, and we were soon getting on the dinghy to snorkel. The older kids were going to snorkel while being pulled behind the dinghy to look for turtles to tag. I went with my buddy to the shallow area to snorkel because he was younger. We saw a lot of different fish, but it was cut short because my buddy wasn’t feeling great. After we arrived at the boats and heard that turtling was unsuccessful, we picked up our anchor and headed back to Great Harbor. We anchored at Great Harbor and realized we only had a few minutes left with the kids. We were forced to say goodbye to the kids after such an awesome three days with them. I felt like I knew my buddy for years even though it was only a couple of days. A sad goodbye led to a bit of relief because of how exhausted we were. A quick shore time at Foxy’s and we were back on the boat off to West End. A much-needed shower and dinner re-energized us, especially the surprise brownies that one of the staff members, Jules, made for us. Soon after that, we were off to bed for much-needed sleep.