Location: Manuel Antonio


Today after our special breakfast of pancakes, we left with Hugo on the bus to a school near the beach. There we helped them by tiling the floor, which was very exhausting. We mixed some cement and put it all over the floor and over the tiles so that they would stay on the ground. This was lots of hard work, after that we enjoyed a nice lunch of rice and beans and chicken made by the school cooks, but then went back for more work. After we finished working, we were covered in cement, and we had to clean everything up. We got back on the bus and headed to take some pictures at some very beautiful cliffs at a beach. We then stopped at the crocodile bridge, where we saw many crocodiles in the water below, they were very big and scary. We then got back into the bus, and stopped at a grocery store, before heading to our final destination. After a long day, we arrived at the hotel where we are going to stay for the next few days. At dinner, we had a good time playing a game together.