Location: Ollantaytambo and Rumira

Today we woke up bright and early to eat a breakfast of eggs, yogurt, and fruit. After we finished our filling breakfast, the team went to the market to get supplies to make breakfast for a local school. We arrived at the school around 9 in the morning and got to work right away whisking, mixing and cracking our way to the perfect pancake batter. The Lifeworks squad then served panqueques to the kids of the school and generously gave out presents! Charlie’s bubbles were the most popular… shout out to Susan Binder. Afterward, the boys and Branwen decided to take on a group of school kids and there amigos in an exciting and intense game of Soccer. The game ended in a 4-4 tie as Team U.S.A headed to their next challenge.

As we arrived at the house of Lorde is we continued our project. With the help of familiar faces from the soccer game and our friends from Canada. Lores’s family laid out the guidelines for the plumbing for the bathroom. The squadron got to work, shoveling, picking and shifting sand. As the day progressed towards twilight, the trench and the walls of the bathroom came together. Tired but with feelings of accomplishment the team went back to the hostel for dinner, hot showers and a friendly game of Uno!

Shout out to Canada comrades George, Dylan, Graham, and Jordie for all their help and laughs.