Location: Cusco

Let’s start at the beginning. 12:30 am, I don’t know how many girls pulled up to the hotel lobby in Lima, Peru. 12:45, everyone from the vans can be found in the lobby restaurant eating bits of food after claiming to be starved. Not to be judgmental because I was one of those girls. 1:30 am, I find myself in a hotel room with two strangers, Maggie and Kayla. All three of us exhausted beyond belief, lying in separate twin beds, talking about everything and anything, finally “passing out” around 3 am (Kayla). Waking up at 6:30 am and dashing to breakfast, we made it to the van just in time. There we meet Cosi, Kaylee, and Nikki. We then head off to the airport. Rushing to wait in a long line, we run through the gates and the airport to make it to the plane. We then get to Cusco. Everyone’s jaw dropped as we got off the bus and descended to our hotel then lunch. We saw such crazy things, restaurants, and people. (Oh, and the dogs, how could I forget the dogs…) We had an amazing lunch and then hiked back to the hotel. Post dinner, we crawled back up the “mountain” for our orientation and then went to bed where I now sit in 3 sweatshirts and fuzzy socks.