Location: Anegada

We started the day with a quick breakfast and headed straight to the Anegada Rock Iguana Head Start Facility. This particular species of iguanas were quickly diminishing because they were being hunted down by house cats that inhabit the island. Because of this facility, their species is steadily increasing in numbers and are no longer going extinct. The facility, which is mainly run by one man, needed our help, so we helped clean the cages, get rid of the weeds, and make food for the iguanas. Our determined attitudes allowed us to get the job done swiftly. From there, we went straight to Lobblolly beach, which is well known for it’s spectacular snorkeling sites. After a couple of hours talking and relaxing on the beach, we enjoyed delicious burgers and ice cream before going straight in the water. We quickly put on our snorkel gear and dove right into the crystal water to swim through the beautiful reefs. While waiting for our taxi to arrive, we sat and bonded with our fellow shipmates. We finally ended the day with a “Thanksgiving” meal and shared some laughs in the fresh air and sparkling water.