Location: Urubamba

Freezing morning, we arrived at a disability school in Urubamba, carrying all the tools we needed for our service. We started by giving self-introduction to the group of kids who were at the school. The team, kids, and the teachers came gathering around in a circle while we get acquainted. Soon, we started painting the poles with yellow paint. The first day of service when we did painting, the boys(me, Robert, Hunter) were terrible at painting! But as the services went along, we all improved our fine motor skills. So today, we all did a great job. I somehow mixed some perfect paint, and my painting went smoothly. We painted the poles, playground, and the walls. It was A LOT of painting!!

There was also a legendary soccer match between the team of USA (Hunter, Johnny, Robert) and the team of Peru (Angel, Ruben, Jose) that took place on the playground of Arcoiris. The Peru team barely won with a lucky goal from the sidelines.

We ended the day by consuming five boxes of pizzas. Good day!