Location: Lima

Today, we welcomed a new group of Go Beyonders to Peru on our volunteer trip for high school students! Cosima came in first with Mariana and was super jet lagged (she went straight to bed before we could take a welcome picture… much-needed sleep I’m sure). Next to arrive were Kaylee and Nikki who went back to the hotel with Evan while Meca hung out at the airport until the rest arrived. During the taxi ride back we had a very friendly driver who was blasting Latin music; it was the perfect introduction to Peru. When Meca arrived with Hailey, Kayla, Maggie, Ava, Gabi, Laura, Jami, Kaylee, Alex, Ryan, and Elizabeth, they all grabbed some snacks and went straight to bed totally exhausted. Tomorrow morning, Evan will go to meet our final friend, Gailen at the airport. Good night everyone, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Peru service trip blog post! Hasta manana.