Location: China

The day started with scrumptious cheesy eggs and hot coffee. After a fueling breakfast, we left for a fun time with the older children and younger children. The older children and the children from Lifeworks all discussed our hopes for the future, whether that be our occupation at the time or our state of being. Later, we ate a delicious lunch of Asian dumplings, that Toshi, one of the Lifeworks counselors created. Then we departed to the Forbidden City, which was magnificent. We went on a voyage into the city for two hours to discover what the purpose was for all of the rooms. My favorite part was the beautiful garden at the end of the journey. The garden consisted of odd rock formations and gorgeous trees. The Forbidden City was a sure highlight to my trip to China. After the city, we came back to our home and enjoyed a peaceful dinner and a refreshing sleep.

Love, xoxoxo, peace out Jasmin