Location: Delhi, Dharamsala

We all woke up early to eat some breakfast and catch the plane to Dharamsalawhat a bumpy ride! We made it out safely despite the turbulence 🙂 Along the way to the monastery, we took a very scenic route through winding mountains and beautiful greenery, and don’t forget, the sacred cows wandering the street. After on deciding on roommates and unpacking, we took a visit to the monastery and witnessed a focused monk tediously working on a sand Mandela, which represents the circle of life. We were all surprised to find out that after working so hard, the Mandela is destroyed to represent the impermanence of life. After that, Jampa took us through a tour of the local market; it was very busy, and we were all tempted to buy all the beautiful crafts. Lastly, we had a nice dinner at a local caf consisting of spicy noodles, fried rice, potatoes, green beans, and pork (finally a break from traditional Indian food! Hahaha).