Location: China

This morning, Jamie, Jessica, Alec and I got back from a very tiring night shift. We attempted to nap while everyone else set off to their first shift of two at the group and baby homes. In between shifts, we had breakfast for lunch which was a nice treat. After we left the homes around 5, we all went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. We emotionally prepped for the flash mob we were going to do in the local park after dinner. Everyone was nervous but we ended up having a really fun time dancing the Cupid Shuffle. Bravely led by Griffin, we attracted a very large audience so we thought it was a success. Exhausted, we went back to the apartment for our last forum, and then everyone headed off to bed or to the baby home for night shifts. Alec and I are going for a second night shift, so hopefully, we can stay awake!!