Location: Beijing, China

Our day back from Xi’An was a return to the norm. We got off the return train to Beijing at around 0615, and went back to the apartment to shower and rest before returning to the orphanage. However, to our surprise, the power to the apartment was out, so Ben and I went to the Little Flower office to shower instead so everyone else could get done more quickly. We then proceeded to the orphanage, where we spent our normal 2 hours, leaving around 11:45 am. We returned to the apartment for lunch, rested a bit, then went to the park to learn Tai Chi and martial arts for a while. We then watched Aladdin, one of Ben’s favorite movies. Everyone (except for Uttam) enjoyed it a lot. Finally, we hung out for the rest of the night writing our journals, listening to music, and talking. In a couple of days, we will be taking another trip outside our comfort zone, which we are all very intensely looking forward to. Until next time!