Location: West End, Tortola

Hello, parents and loved ones! It’s Melina(Mel). Only two full days left. Wow. This experience is actually so incredible. Whether it’s meeting tons of locals by doing meaningful work or hanging out on the boat and swimming, the days are so amazing! Today we woke up in AC, it was so nice. Our chefs today were Marianna and Emma. Mariana and Emma are two of our most qualified chefs. In fact, on multiple days, people would try to switch with them because we knew how great their cooking skills were. Anywho, we headed over to the Search and Rescue Team of the British Virgin Islands.

First, we learned an overview about their upcoming and how they rescue people! They’ve been running for 35 years because the BVI does not have a Coast Guard. For a while, these people had to just help each other without having any recognition, and over time, they built up their company without any government funding at all. Most of their funding comes from the resorts because a lot of their tourists get lost by canoes or rip currents, but the people of the Bvi help support them. Anyway, we weeded the garden and cut all the shrubs to help. We also cleaned their boat, which was really cool because we saw where a lot of CPR and saving people happens. Also, the rescue team has a cat!

The cat’s name is “Shout”. Sadie, Stella, and I made up a fantasy about Shout but replaced her name with the name Susan and how the cat lives a hard life on the farm. It was so weird, and we talked and country accents, but it was actually so funny. While we were doing that, Olivia, Rory, Natalia, and Luke were petting the cat. The Rescue team was selling hats that were actually so cute, and Mariana, Sophia, Natalia, and Olivia bought them. After we finished up there, we had a shore time where most of us chose to spend it at a restaurant. Half the group bought chicken, Alfredo. While that was happening, a lot of us left and shopped at the local boutiques, and Beth ended up taking us to a French bakery. While we were doing that, Mariana went to a massage. Ah, I just love Mariana. We were also jealous because she spent her money so well. So then we went underway. Stella and I did yoga and debloating exercises because we ate so much. Actually, I ate too much. I made Stella lunch today. I felt like such a Mom. I made her PBandJ, two apples, and thin mints. It was buss. Then, once we landed, we started showering, and the entire group tried to backflips.

The only ones that did not try were Nicole and Nate—and said Nate learned how to do an interesting trick on the dingy. For dinner, we had Raman. It was so good, and one of the boats Minerva came in, which is usually never in the ActionQuest fleet, which is really cool because they’ve been all over the Caribbean without us. They are hiking intensive group. Anyways, all your children are doing so great. I love them all. Actually, add on, Luke just got his hair braided. It looks lit. Sorry if the grammar is bad. I have to hand this and fast, or else the group can’t start the movie.