Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to a storm, and we were not able to sail or swim yet, so we spend the morning hanging out inside, playing card games and mafia. After a morning of bonding, we watched some ted talks and videos on plastic. The videos helped us all gain an understanding of how bad plastic and pollution affects our planet, specifically the oceans. Then we had some soup since it was a considerably cold day for the Caribbean. After lunch, we all hung out on the trampoline together for a little bit, then learned how to tie knots that we are going to use around the boat for the next few weeks. When the weather finally calmed down, we sailed to savanna bay. Sailing over was beautiful, we all sat on the edges of the trampoline and listened to the early 2000s kinds of music that we played from the old iPod and speaker we have. Once we dropped anchor in savanna bay, we were all super excited to hear that we were gonna go to the beach there. So we took the dingy over to the sand beach, and the other GoBeyond boat was there, and we all played with a football and swam around in the water and played soccer on the beach. It was super windy, so we all got cold and decided to go back to the boat to shower and make dinner. After dinner we talked about the first project that we are starting tomorrow which got us all super excited, then we watch a documentary before bed.