Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

I woke up around 5:30 am to do an early morning workout with some other girls and to watch the sunrise, but unfortunately, the sun had already risen. So I went back to bed to wake up to someone getting in our boat at 6:10 am. Her name was Leila (she works in the GXG office and came over from Mike’s boat and super sweet!!)

We started breakfast and went to Spanish town. The group for rebuilding -which I’m in with two other girls from my boat- went to Valley DaySchool while the preserving group went somewhere else. At Valley Day School, we split, and my group went to the Rainbow school, which was so fun. We started making a new greenhouse and played with some kids. The preserving group of kids Hiked around Coppermine National park, did a beach cleanup, and learned about different type of plastics!

We regrouped around 12 and had free time, which means we get our phones and money to shop and eat in the town. The majority of us got some food and called our parents, and then shopped. We got A LOT of snacks and drinks. Around three, we met at the dock, and we went to Baths where we climbed amazing and rocks and jumped off of them, and it was such a good time! We hung out, swam, and bonded!

Later we went back to the boat and drove the to Savannah Bay where we are sleeping. We took showers and had delicious dinner with brownies (we got from the market). Then we washed dishes and danced to music like always. Soon all of us will sit on the roof of the boat and talk about our days, just bond, and talk about what’s bothering them or why they had a good day! We do this every night, and we call it HTH (Heart to Heart). All of us love it, and we have so much fun every day; it’s amazing. Even if it’s hard work, we have a blast! Can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂

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