Location: Anegada

We woke up at 7, ate a fast breakfast and booked it to the island. We filled the taxi and took a trip to an iguana head start facility. Although I was surrounded by hundreds of Iguanas, I was mesmerized by the puppies that took refuge from the heat under a makeshift shelter. After cooing at the puppies for a while, we were herded into the facility for a discussion. The head of the operation revealed to us that cats were the reason that the iguanas were facing extinction. Although she extensively denied loathing cats, her tone when she spoke of cats proved otherwise. Lachlan and I, being the lizard hunters that we are, went straight for a few small lizards when all the jobs were taken. We thought we cornered one, but it jumped on my shirt. It stuck there for a while, and Hannah snapped a picture of it. The lizard wiggled up to my shoulders, and we took it out for a ride. We found out that it was an anole and I decided to name it Terrence. Lachlan caught another lizard, which was later named Shelby. Lachlan placed Shelby on my back with Terrence. From what I have been told, Shelby and Terrence engaged in a stare-down, which matched that of a wild-west movie. A couple of hours spent making salads for iguanas went by, and it was time to leave. Later, we took a trip to the beach, which I have been told is a rare occurrence. Most of the group went swimming, and I hung back with a few friends. We did some flips off of a two-foot tall ledge. After a few flips, we inspired Elliot and Jordan (our instructors) to try some as well. Jordan took a shot at a front flip and landed on his butt. Elliot went for a backflip and fell on his face. Unfazed, he took another shot, which went much better than the first.