Location: Manuel Antonio

 Olivia and Delia In the morning we packed up and said goodbye to our homestay families. We went on a bus ride to Manuel Antonio National Park. When we arrived we took a nature hike through the forest seeing sloths, monkeys, and iguanas. After hiking, we stopped and enjoyed the beach. The water was so warm and everyone ran right in. We all body surfed, some more successfully than others. As we came out of the water we noticed our beach was disappearing and our bags were in danger of being soaked by the incoming tide. So we decided to visit another beach and were able to relax there. Faces red and covered in the sand we tramped back to the bus and to our hotel. After showering (hot water finally) we gathered for a delicious dinner. After dinner, we played charades amidst a thunderstorm. We ended the day watching soccer and playing board games.