Location: Great Barrier Reef

Today we had a great day of dives. Rex and Celsius woke up super early to go on the 7:30 dive with Shaun and Carolyn, while I had the best sleep I have had on the entire trip. When Sofi and I were woken up by Carolyn knocking on our door after their dive, we ate breakfast. The boat was then moved to a different site for the second dive of the day. Once we were there, we went to our briefing and got ready to dive. It was an amazing dive with colorful fish and coral surrounding us. I surfaced early with Rex because neither of us can conserve our air very well, while the other buddy pairs kept diving a little while longer. Once we got out, I was cold, but the dive was worth it. Diving always makes me tired, so after lunch, Sofi and I took the best nap in the history of naps before the next dive of the day. The time came to dive again, and it ended up being my favorite dive of our whole trip. I saw two sharks and a turtle swimming. Sofi got really good footage of the wildlife surrounding us. Once again Rex and I ran out of air before everyone. After this dive, my ear started hurting a little, so I decided to sit out on the night dive. I received a very creative Haiku from Shaun about my new favorite animals, sea cucumbers, and then he wrote one to everyone else because he felt bad. I’m excited to see more sea cucumbers tomorrow.