Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Today we woke up and had a nice, relaxing sail to Lee Bay where we went turtling. We separated into three different dinghies, and a few people were towed behind each dingy with their snorkeling gear on and tried to spot turtles. Although we did not end up catching any turtles, it was cool to see all the reefs and colorful fish pass by at such a fast speed. After attempting to catch a turtle, we sailed to Brewer’s Bay and hopped right back into the water. We searched shallow reefs in our snorkel gear hoping to find and possibly catch the invasive Lionfish. Some people dove deeper into the water to search for the fish in small hiding spots while others stayed on the surface and enjoyed the views. Toward to end of our snorkel, the reefs got so shallow that we had to weave through them and be careful not to kick them with our fins. We didn’t see any Lionfish during our snorkel but explored the reefs from extremely close up. Our day ended with one final sail to Jost van Dyke where we ate “Thanksgiving Dinner” and some birthday cake. Overall, today was an exciting day in the water.