Location: China

Today was probably one of the more interesting days of the trip, for me at least. Our little friend Rose was recently adopted and was scheduled to leave for the United States with her new family today. Unfortunately, none of us were able to say goodbye since she left so early. Other than that, the morning was fairly normal, starting with service at the children’s home where the kids all spent their day making bracelets, drawing, and watching “Dragonball Z.” I’m very happy to say that I was made a beautiful birthday card for my 16th birthday (which was today) by Wally, Tom, and Ben, so thanks, guys! For the afternoon we were invited to the different family homes to make dumplings. However, before that, I was given a surprise birthday cake which I would, again, like to thank Julia and Isabella for making me (this was one of the best birthdays I have had and I’m happy to have spent it with such great people so thanks everyone!). Following that little surprise, we were off to the homes. I had the pleasure of going with Julia to Ben, Teresa, and Tom’s house where we made dumplings and played cards with the kids. Finally, we ended the day boarding an overnight train to Xi’an to begin our next series of adventures.