Location: Datong

Hello again! Long time no log. It’s another edition of Keeping Up With Bianca (B Money) and Hannah (H Dawg) featuring our special guest: Sarah (S Swizzle). This morning, we awoke with clean hair and open minds. We nibbled on some delicious fried dumplings and cantaloupe. We were delighted to find the one and only, Classic Western Square Toast.

After we feasted, we headed in our cute mini-vans to the Hanging Monastery. First, we made a little pitstop at the Sakyamuni Buddhist Temple to enjoy some photos, small treasures, and some tasty ice cream.

At the hanging monastery, which was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, we conquered our fears of heights by climbing the amazing monastery which is carved into the side of the mountain. It was very inspiring to see different locals praying before the Buddha and being able to admire the insane view. Though the steps were steep, and the railings low, we all agreed that this was an incredible sight to see.

After a delightful lunch, with this time an electric Lazy Susan (Or Spinning Myrtle as we like to call it), we drove through the mountains enjoying every twist and turn. Arriving at the Buddhist Caves, we were astonished to feel that they were way beyond our expectations. Who knew that one could carve so many detailed and intricate Buddhas into a side of a mountain EVERYWHERE?!! We all decided to have an “ommmmm” session next to the caves, reflecting upon our adventures so far on this trip.

We had a chance to shop and practice our bargaining skills at a little market before heading to McDonald’s (for not a very nutritious, but very comforting dinner.) Soon we’ll be on an overnight train back to Beijing where we will arrive at 4 in the morning! Keep an eye out for more posts.

Peace and love, spirits and dopeness, Bianca, Hannah, and Sarah.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Hey Shendel, do you have ibuprofen?” -“yeah, why?” – “Because I NEED IT!” – Moshe