Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

The morning began with an early wake-up of working out. As the boat swayed back and forth, everyone started waking up. To arrive early for our first project, we ate breakfast while underway. We arrived in Spanish Town via dinghy, and we listened to Julie (our community partner in Virgin Gorda) speaks of her passion for recycling and working with kids. We walked through the roads of Spanish Town to a farm, where we began our community service. We started our work digging through the rich soil to put up wooden posts. As the day went on, our water supply became a little short, shorter than mine. We took a break to collect ourselves and wait until Julie could bring us more. One of the best parts of the day was when she pulled her truck up with a beautiful bag of ice so that we could drink the first cold glass of water of the whole trip. As we chugged the ice-cold water, our energy grew. As the day ended, we said our goodbyes, knowing we would return tomorrow. The walk concluded with a break for delicious ice cream, which felt like the best I have ever had, and a trip to the local market. Everyone gathered snacks like the world was ending. As we waited for everyone to finish buying snacks and drinks, people chugged the cold drinks we bought. We gathered back on the boat and headed to Leverick Bay for a take-out barbecue dinner of pizzas and burgers. Everyone held hands for our squeeze, and then we had another conversation about colors and leadership styles. These colors were part of a personality test to describe everyone’s leadership styles, which started a debate for the “winning color.” The color with the most passion was yellow, the achievers and people who get stuff done. The night calmed down with time for bed, which concluded a very interesting day.

XOXO, #cuatro