Location: Ollantaytambo, Peru

After breakfast, we took a long leisure walk over to Rumira, a small village outside of Ollantaytambo, to work on our service project at an elementary school: a greenhouse. The greenhouse is built to help provide vegetables and nutrition for the underprivileged children at the elementary school. After being assigned with jobs for the project of the day, our guides let us tour the classrooms in the school. There were many mixed emotions as we walked into the school. The ceilings were collapsed, and the walls were caved in. At this very moment, we all realized how lucky we are to live in a well-developed country with well-built schools and a good education. The ruins of the classrooms aroused our dedication and excitement in building the greenhouse for the children at the school. We hope that these underprivileged children can utilize the greenhouse to grow various vegetables and improve their diets, which we learned are lacking nutrition. Before heading home after a long day at work, we played soccer against some of the local children who lived near the school. They were all very friendly yet competitive soccer players. We played two games; Emily Manin surprisingly scored three goals for the team during the first game which allowed Lifeworkers to gain the first victory. However, Lifeworkers lost the second game. As we walked home, we all felt good inside because we finally started to build the frame of the greenhouse and were able to see that we can make a difference to these underprivileged children in Rumira.