Location: Beijing

Hello friends and families!!! We’re super sad writing this because it means it’s our last day here in Beijing. Today we had our final day of service at Little Flower. It was so hard to say goodbye to the kids we had grown to love so much and watched grow over the past three weeks. I think we all agree that they’ve changed our lives in so many ways and even once we return home we will be thinking about them all of the time after service awe headed to the Pearl Market to practice our bargaining skills. After getting some shirts down from 3000rmb to 30rmb, we considered it a successful day of shopping for ourselves, each other and our families. We even got some highly anticipated Starbucks!! After the Pearl Market, we all dressed up for an amazing final dinner together! We went out for hot pot, which was such a cool experience, and simply got to enjoy each other’s company on our very special and emotional night together. We have all made friendships and bond that we know will last a lifetime. Although it’s our final installment of “Keeping Up with Bianca and Hannah and Sarah and The Rest of Us,” we know our friendships will last way beyond these life-changing 21 days.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Our final quote of the day is not one we said, but on we’ve seen a lot as the ayi’s wear it on the back of their Dew Drops Little Flower shirts every day. Mother Teresa once said, “We know that we are doing nothing more than a drop in the ocean, but if that drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”