Location: Chugchilan, Ecuador

Today, the group split with one half painting a school and the other horseback riding through the beautiful Andes. For my group and me, we were painting intently and carefully as for us; it is very important to make a positive impact on the places that we visit during this trip. While we were clambering on the roof, painting the sides of the school, we all suddenly glanced up and was struck by the sheer beauty of the mountains. Although we have been to many amazing places during this trip, we are all in agreement that this backdrop could be taken out of a movie. As we are this high up, we are often in the clouds however we were blessed today with a clear sky and view for miles that could rival pretty much any. Everybody was struck with these feelings for a few moments and then returned dutifully back to the important task at hand. Even though this trip is meant to be about community service and helping others, we can’t help being captured by our surroundings once in a while.