Location: Brewer's Bay

So today, I started the day with half my face in a puddle of drool…that doesn’t normally happen, but being me there’s always time for something strange. We left Sommer’s Bay after breakfast, which is always full of funny and half-conscious conversations. We cleaned up while we were underway, which is always interesting. We went to Brewer’s Bay and went snorkeling. The past few times we went snorkeling I was always nervous, inhaling water or just kind of out of it, however, today was a lot different. As soon as I got in the water I felt at peace; I wasn’t struggling to stay afloat or get the salt water out of my sinuses. I even dove down several times to look at the different fish and plants living with and beneath the coral. It was a little colder than I would have liked, and it was raining pretty hard at some points, but I didn’t mind, it felt like Washington. We paused the fun to have lunch; we ate Ramen *heart eyes emoji*. There was so much; it wasn’t even funny! We made 13 packs, and there wasn’t any left at all. We also had a lot of fun swapping riddles and fun mind tricks. One of the members of the media crew, Josh, joined us for lunch. After lunch, we briefly went snorkeling one more time before heading to Cane Garden Bay to fill up on water and fuel before dropping anchor and making dinner. While driving around the anchorage looking for a good spot to stop for the night, our “Boat Boss” or main skipper, Elliot, pulled a major dad move by shouting “Hey! Is this the boat you can’t stop talking about?!” to one of my shipmates about another boat called Aeolus which is home to the “ever so dreamy” cute boys club. I’m not interested, but several of my shipmates are. Elliot even took a group over to their boat to give their captain a flash drive, the whole time they were giggling about it and waving at the cute boys club. I think it’s the funniest thing to see them act all boy crazy like this. Even these past few weeks I’ve grown quite close to these people, they’re my boat family. Even though we have a little less than a week left together, it still feels like we’re only on day five. I definitely can’t wait to go home, but a little part of me will always be at home here. I can honestly say this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I want to come back here, just travel around all the islands and just explore a little more. I love the culture, the people and just this part of the world in general. At the end of dinner, we always do “the squeeze” where we all hold hands and the skipper of the day, in this case, me, asks a question to the group and they answer it, as well as say their favorite part of the day. My question for today is “What is your main goal in life?” I like to make people think and open up a little bit to peer into their world.

All in all, we share a pretty similar world, but we all see things from a different perspective. I think I’m a little sideways *awkwardly upside down smiling emoji*. But, we’re all a little sideways on the farm. Lastly, DON’T BE A JABRONIE! Don’t talk to strange goat people, and this is why we always leave a note.