Location: The Caribbean and Turrucures

After a 6:30 wake up, the Lifeworks crew left the Veragua Rainforest Conservatory and set for an arduous day at La Finca, stopping only for a delicious brunch on the way. At the work site, we hurried off to work, finishing cementing the cabin where the visiting children will sleep. Once this was complete, we all began the painstakingly long process of cementing the basketball court. This took the majority of the day and our efforts, but we were still able to work on other projects such as painting the farm’s campfire site, tending the ever-growing garden, and chopping bamboo to use for the building. As soon as the day’s work was complete, the crew headed back to the Dos Palmas Hotel, where we enjoyed a hearty dinner. Currently, we are ready to get some sleep for another day of work tomorrow.