Location: Anegada

Woe wee did we have an eventful day. Today we had an early wake-up, which gave us the ability to prepare for the long day ahead of us. For breakfast, we had cereal, bagels, and oatmeal. Milk and I don’t match up so that meal did not end up well for me (Sorry mom). After a tranquil breakfast, the group packed up their bags and jumped into Oats, our lovely dinghy. The drive to the dock was short but uncomfortable because of all the painting supplies and other miscellaneous gear. After sitting in the sand for about ten minutes, the taxi arrived, and the race to the car began. Gear got thrown, and people squeezed into the seats.

The task of the day was to clean up a church. This task involved painting the gate and picking up trash. I think most of the group was surprised when we arrived to find a massive amount of gate that needed to be painted. The day started off well. Everyone was working diligently, and the fence was getting completed. Then it started to get hot, and the wind faded. People slowed down, and we decided that was a good time to have lunch. Lunch consisted of PB and J and chicken salad. People regained energy, and we moved on to the next task, which was to pick up trash at the neighboring playground. The amount of trash that we found was astounding. We were able to pick up a large majority of the waste and were excited to head back to the boats after such a taxing day. Everyone on the boat was starving, so the dinner that was named “Thanksgiving” helped quell our grumbling stomachs. We took quick ocean showers and sat down for the lovely meal that Jaxie prepared for us. Dinner disappeared within five minutes. After clean up and our daily dance of “and I would walk five hundred miles,” we did our nighttime squeeze. The question of the night was what was one of the best days of your life? This question seemed to stump most people which I enjoyed. We ended our night with a movie that played for five minutes and stopped when BZ realized that everyone except for two people were asleep. BZ woke us up, and everyone dispersed to their sleeping spots where they fell asleep. I would call this a good day!