Location: Orosi

The day started with breakfast at 7:45 with rice and beans, rice-based tamales, plantains, coffee, and hot chocolate. By 8:30, we were loaded on the bus, and we started making our way to Cartago. Throughout the drive, we saw pineapple plantations and pretty scenic views from mountain tops. At certain times, the clouds filled the roads, and we were unable to see the trees outside. Soon enough, we arrived at our lunch destination which was 10,000 feet above sea level. The restaurant, La Georgina, was a buffet style, so everyone was able to eat what they wanted. Once we were back on the bus, it felt like a short ride down the mountain to our new hotel. Everyone was excited to be at the hotel after the 6 1/2 hour car ride. We had a lot of free time before dinner, so a lot of us watched the Hunger Games in Spanish. We had group time at 6:00 and we watched a video about life values. After the video, we had a meaningful conversation that got us to think about what we have all learned during our trip. A lot of us agreed on becoming more appreciative of little things when we go back home, as well as spending more time with family. After a big dinner and a bunch of personality pics, we were ready for our last full night of sleep. The next morning we made our last stop at a museum that used to be the San Jose airport terminal, had our final lunch, and are now at our final hotel of the trip.

It is safe to say that this trip is one that none of us will forget. We have all become close friends through service work and intense card games. Even though we are sad to leave Costa Rica, we are all ready to be back home to share our experiences with family and friends.