Location: Golfita

Starting the day off was an early morning rise that gave us the time to pack our bags and get ready for another difficult day out in the sandy Costa Rican fields. We got to breakfast in time for us to devour some beans and rice before we hopped on the bus ready for an elaborate working experience. The bus took a mere half hour to drive us to our destination where we arrive and scuttle to yesterdays position in an orderly fashion. I was in charge of the sifting side of the operation, which included shoveling and transporting the dirt to be sifted at the stations. A very long day of work ended with the outer walls of the classroom nearing completion, leaving only the front drywall to be put in to seal the structure in its entirety. Blisters and cuts corroded my hands as we rode the bus home, tired from all of the hard work but feeling accomplished that we did most of the heavy lifting in a minuscule two-day span. But most importantly, we felt invigorated about all the work we finished, and we couldn’t wait to finish the classroom for Fatima and the country of Costa Rica.