Location: Bangkok

Today we had breakfast at the hotel then went to the DPF headquarters in Klong Toey where we had Thai cooking lessons.  There were stations with different recipes- fried chicken, sticky rice with beans wrapped in banana leaf, vegetable spring rolls, and papaya salad and prawn and mushroom tom yum soup.  We partnered in teams of two, I was paired with Yoyo, and we all had a chance to cook at each station.. it was really fun.  Afterward, we sat down and ate all of the food we made; it was a feast!  Then we went to the river to take a boat across to the other side, to go to an area called Bang Nam Pheung, which is a beautiful and green area.  We all went biking through natural habitat areas on bridges and walkways it was a great experience.  After the bike ride, we went to the local market, which ran along the river, where some of us did some shopping, there were people selling handmade handicrafts and food.  Then we went back across the river to go to have a Muay Thai lesson in the local youth activity center.  We learned traditional Thai boxing; it was good fun, we also saw some of our friends from the teenage weekend retreat there.  We came back to the hotel, rested for an hour, then the group divided into two – shopping team and massage team.  I was on the massage team and had a foot massage, which was a very relaxing way to unwind after another long day!  We then went to our favorite local restaurant Roy Thai and had a quick dinner, then came back to the hotel for squeeze and bed.  Feeling so bummed that Â is our last service day, it’s flown so fast!